About Us

Abnaki Infrastructure Applications and Integrated Development Private Limited is an organization conceptualized to contribute responsibly for communities striving towards growth and development. The organization was initiated by a group of professionals that have been actively associated in the infrastructure and development sector for the last couple of decades. They converge with their significant experience in this endeavor to achieve the goal of sustainable development and equitable growth.. The team takes pride in its illustrious history of improving the quality of life for communities around the world through its involvement. The organizationís vision is to provide sustainable development solutions twined with quality consulting services.

logoThe organizationís symbol stands for involvement indicating the Developer, Promoter and Stakeholder as the three lightening strikes, the dots insight the people pivoted by the wheel in the centre with equal involvement of all the participants in the society and economy towards achieving growth.†

The organization supplements and complements its capabilities a concept of partnerships. This partnership is colored with a combination of academic institutions, professional consulting firms and grassroots level organizations. In addition to this a group of professionals from different walks of development are also part of this partnering design. This technology has not only provided a platform for the best professionals to be involved on different projects, but also improved the inputs on any development or infrastructure projects. To add to this group Abnaki Aid has a canvas of professionals both as in-house and as empanelled consultants that are available at all points in time to provide their quality inputs on projects based on their technical requirements and geographical location.

The term "Abnaki" indicates "Action Based Need Assessment for Knowledge Implementation" has been integrated to address social and soft issues of communities related to infrastructure and development that holds the key to a holistic growth.

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